Creative project week 1

Bathroom shelves decorated with scrapbook paper and washi tape.
Bathroom cabinet shelves decorated with scrapbook paper and washi tape.

I challenged myself in this post to do one creative project each week this month, and post a quick summary on Sundays. This is my first post for that challenge.

This week I embarked on a mission to declutter my apartment and throw away unneeded items. I don’t have a TON of stuff, but I’ve accumulated quite a bit of things that I’m not using. It’s such an energy drain. I’m decluttering one area of the apartment at a time. I started with the bathroom. After I finished throwing out the junk, I decided to do something fun — decorate the inside of the cabinet with scrapbook paper. I got the idea from my mother, who did this at home. Speaking of my mom, it’s Mother’s Day! I had a great time talking with her and my grandma on the phone. I only wish I could have been there to celebrate with them.

I didn’t make the paper perfect on the shelves, and the patterns are all over the place. I also used washi tape to fill in gaps as well as to create borders around the paper. Now every time I open up the cabinet, I feel happy and excited! And also more motivated to keep it clean. 🙂

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