“Z” is for Zealous

This is post #26 in the Blogging A to Z Challenge.

Well, I can’t believe it. This is the last post in the Blogging A to Z Challenge. “Zealous” might be too strong of a word for how I’m feeling, but hey, it starts with “z”. 🙂 I’m happy to have stuck it out. There were many days where I didn’t feel like writing, but I wrote anyway. I didn’t get around to reading as many other blogs participating in the challenge as I’d hoped, but I did discover some neat ones that I will definitely visit regularly. 🙂

I’d like to continue posting regularly, but every single day might be too much. I’m going to continue Project 365 (tomorrow I’ll post a backlog of pictures from this week). I’d like to get reconnected with creativity…I feel like that part of me has died. I wrote a lot about past memories during the A-to-Z Challenge, and that reminded me of how much creative spark and passion I had growing up. Somehow, that spark just doesn’t shine as brightly as it once did. I’m not sure why (perfectionism, maybe?), but I’d like to reignite it. I’m thinking of doing a creativity challenge: one creative project per week, for a month. Projects can be an artistic photo (more artistic than the project 365 photos), an illustration, a craft, or even a WordPress theme design. I The projects don’t have to be complete, nor do they have to be polished or OMG AMAZEBALLS. They just have to be something I made during the week. Or if I really didn’t get around to making something, I’ll just share an inspiring creative project that someone else did and what I like about it.

I’d also like to level up in programming, especially JavaScript. I feel like a challenge would be a great way to push myself to make that happen. So, how about a “What I learned this week in JS” challenge? Each week during May, I can make time to learn something new about JavaScript, and share it on this blog. Again, it doesn’t have to be OMG EARTH-SHATTERING, but simply a statement of something new I learned during the week that I didn’t know previously.

This will be quite an undertaking, but I’ll give it a shot for the first two weeks in May and see how it goes. I’ll start by posting the creative projects on Sundays, and the “Something new I learned about JavaScript this week” reports on Fridays.

So I’ll make the first JS post on Friday, May 8, and will post the first creative project Sunday, May 10.

Thank you to everyone who visited this blog during the A-to-Z Challenge. In June, I may join another blogging challenge, we’ll see.


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