Broadway and 40th Street – 150/365

This photo was taken May 30, 2015

Heading to a friend and fellow dragon boat paddler’s house party in Oakland. I thought I’d take advantage of the longer daylight and travel to her house by foot. It was a pleasant 30-minute walk. Broadway is a main thoroughfare. When I first moved to Oakland I was afraid to walk down this street because I thought it looked too rough around the edges. Now I’ve gotten used to it. It may look gritty but it’s fine during the day. Usually plenty of people and bus stops around.

The party was a wonderful time. Many friends from the dragon boat team were there, and it’s always fun to talk to them and hang out. I also love that people who once paddled with us but no longer do still came by. It’s like our team is an extended family of current paddlers and former paddlers. Such a great group of people!

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