JS Level Up – Week 1

As part of my challenges for June, I am devoting half an hour on Mon-Thurs to studying JavaScript, in hopes of becoming more fluent with the language.

I’m proud to say that this week I was able to accomplish the half-hour studying block most mornings (I missed Tuesday morning because I woke up with some weird 24-hour bug). To keep things simple, I am just reading my Javascript & jQuery book. This way I don’t have to come up with an idea of what to study. I’ll just work through this book, and when I’m done with that, pick up a different book. It’s a thick book, packed with info in bite-sized chunks, so it’ll take time to work through.

This week I mostly studied Chapter 3 – Functions, Methods, & Objects. A bit of it was review of what I already knew, but some of it provided further clarification on things I’d encountered before but never fully understood. The biggest takeaway was learning the different ways you can create objects in JS. I’ve come across them all in the wild but it was nice to see them compared on one page, and to learn which way is the best way to create an object given the nature of your script. I love this book and I think just focusing solely on that will make the challenge easier this month.

I’m looking forward to continuing with JS-Level Up sessions next week. Still got quite a bit left of Chapter 3 – the focus will be on an exploration of JavaScript’s built-in objects.

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