Chillin’ in the afternoon sun – 149/365

This photo was taken May 29, 2015.

My studio apartment has only one window, a west-facing window. It doubles as the sliding-glass patio door. The only time it gets direct sunlight is in the late afternoons up until sunset and ONLY during spring and summer. Around 3PM every afternoon (assuming it’s sunny out), Harmony walks over to the window and sprawls out right in the sunbeam. Sometimes I join her and its really easy to get drowsy. She loves it! She changes her position as the sun moves so that she’s always in the direct line of sunlight. Too bad we don’t have a south-facing window so we could get sun all day, but oh well. Harmony doesn’t complain. She just enjoys it when it’s there. She doesn’t seem unhappy when it’s not there. That’s why I love this creature to death. She lives moment by moment. A true master of mindfulness.

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