Automattic Company Meetup in Park City

I’m a little late with this post, but here it is! During the week of September 15th – 22nd, the company I work for, Automattic, held its annual company meetup. This time, we met at Canyons Resort, 6000+ feet up in the mountains of Park City.

I had a great time. I loved meeting my colleagues, doing my job from a hotel room that overlooked a scenic mountainside, and doing fun activities. I participated in several workshops, a Crossfit class, a Barre Method class, an early morning hike, Adventure Races, a relaxing hour-long massage, and an outing to the Silly Sunday Market. I’d have to say that my favorite activity was riding the Gondola halfway up the mountain and back. I had so much fun that I took several rides up and down.

All in all, I left the meetup feeling inspired by my talented co-workers, and missing the mountains!

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