A little something for Halloween

I’ve never bothered to decorate my studio apartment for the holidays. What’s the point? I thought. I rarely invite people over, so the only ones who’ll see the decorations are me and Harmony.

This year I decided, to hell with that! I’m putting some little things up, even if it’s just me and my kitty who’ll enjoy them. My mother always decorates for the holidays, so to me it’s the thing to do.

I considered making Halloween crafts, but I’ve been lazy this year about getting my crafting on. So, I picked up some cute (and cheap) things from Walgreens and the dollar bin at Target. I’m pleased with how they look, and I love seeing them when I wake up or walk in the door after being out. It’s amazing how much warmth they add to the space.

Harvest banner
Harvest banner

First up is this harvest banner, from Walgreens. It immediately brought a sense of festivity once hung. I’ll keep this up through Thanksgiving, since it isn’t Halloween specific.

OK next! Above, from left to right: a super cute bat candle holder! I ended up getting two of them from Sur La Table. I use flameless candles, as you can see from the picture. No fuss, no mess, no worrying about burning the place down. Then we have a cute stuffed scarecrow and stuffed ghost, both from Walgreens. They’re sitting on my TV stand, bringing a nice pop of fall colors. It’s an interesting blend of colors since my living room’s color scheme is light blue and tan (beach theme!)

Spiders, oh no! At Walgreens I found a pack of cheap fuzzy black spiders, some with blue/red tinges in their fuzz. Ugh! I only bought them because I thought they’d be fun for Harmony to play with. I reserved one for her, and am using the rest as decorations (unless she knocks one down). I put one spider inside an empty Mason jar. It’s sitting on the table in the living room, next to the second bat candle holder and flameless candle. I put the rest in the kitchen, which needed some Halloween love. The spiders are creeping on top of the shelf I use as my “pantry”. There’s a close-up view and then a view standing back. If this horrible scene were to come to life, I can guarantee that there’d be nothing left on those shelves, and I wouldn’t be sitting here, calmly writing this post.

Halloween Pillow
Halloween Pillow

Next, we have this cute little Halloween pillow, which I have on Harmony’s comfy recliner (sometimes she lets me sit in the chair too). I got it from Target’s dollar bin.

Finally, I bought two sets of window decals, from Walgreens. They aren’t pictured, but one set contains the letters in “Happy Halloween”, and the other contains Halloween shapes. I stuck most of them on the sliding balcony door (my only window), and a few I stuck on the bathroom mirror.

So that’s my Halloween fun. I’m not sure if I’m finished decorating. I’m tempted to take some cotton and create some fake cobwebs/mist. I also want to make some bats out of toilet paper rolls, and maybe a tissue ghost. We’ll see. I’ll probably just think about making them. Either way, I’m happy with what I did end up doing, and it’s fun to share it! Enjoy, and an early Happy Halloween to you if you celebrate it.

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