Fourth of July – 185/365

Had a nice 4th today. Paddled in the morning, farmers’ market in the early afternoon, chilled the rest of the afternoon, then went to a party at the home of a fellow paddler on the dragon boat team. We could see many fireworks from her balcony with an amazing view (the fireworks didn’t show up well on my iPhone camera). 

Yesterday, on the 3rd, my family had our cookout and we watched a movie (Sideways, very funny). Later in the evening I went with some friends to see fireworks on the Richmond Marina. We had a picnic in the grass and played Uno while we waited. TBH the fireworks were underwhelming but the best part was spending time with friends and being a kid again. This is exactly how I want to spend July — enjoying the little moments and having simple, innocent fun again.


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