One of the things on this shelf is alive…and dragon boating is awesome

Can you guess which one?

I promise I’ll write a real entry with real text soon. But today was amazing. I went to dragon boat practice this morning and had fun socializing with the team afterward. We went for lunch at our usual after-practice spot, a Mexican Restaurant not far from the boat house where we practice. I ordered my usual: mushroom quesadilla. Mmmmmm. I filled it with a little of the salsa they bring for the chips. Yummmy! Next time I go I’ll take a picture.

Saturday morning practices can be hard to get to, since you have to wake up early on the weekend, get dressed for dragon boating, and make your way half asleep over to the boathouse. I almost didn’t go today (I was tired, it was kind of cold and dreary out, and my time of month just started); but now I’m sooo glad I did. One of these days I’ll write about a typical dragon boat workout in detail, but let me just say that they’re usually very invigorating and leave you feeling so alive and ready to conquer the world afterward. That adrenaline rush is partly what keeps me going back (along with the great people on the team).

Good night. I’m off to dream of dragons and boats!

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