Happy birthday to my brother!

It was my brother’s 29th birthday today, and he, our uncle, and I celebrated with breakfast at Sears Fine Foods in San Francisco. I had buttermilk pancakes and bacon. Too bad I forgot to snap a picture. But it was so delicious. I’ve cut out most carbs from my diet (including pancakes) so I was so happy to indulge today. I indulged yesterday, too, with the quesadilla. Oh well, it was for a great reason!

I can’t believe my brother is 29. He’s so awesome. He inspires me, with his dedication to all that he does, his creativity, sense of humor, his focus on health and fitness, and his ability to plan and set goals for his life.

How lucky am I to be his sister! We have so many fun shared memories from childhood, including a special improv-style game (based on our stuffed animals and dolls) that we played at mealtimes our entire life. On our birthday cards to each other, our many characters “sign” them and include one-liners. We used to read these one-liners out loud in the voices of those characters. No one in the family really understood except us. As I signed my brother’s card this year with dozens of these character names and one-liners, I smiled as I realized that the only other person in the entire world who would truly understand what I’d written was my brother. I just know that will still be the case when we’re in our 80s.

Happy birthday to my brother, and here’s to many more!

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