23AndMe Results

I just got my 23AndMe Ancestry results. It took far faster than I thought it would. Pretty interesting, and confirms what I already knew about my ancestry. According to the results, 73.4% of my ancestors came from Western Sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria most likely), and 23.1% came from Europe (mostly Northern Europe and some unspecified Southern European countries). Interesting that a small number of my ancestors were from Finland. Really? I already knew that I have a distant great-great-great-great-something grandfather who was from either Italy or Greece on my mom’s side. So the Southern European bit wasn’t surprising. I (along with many black Americans), am actually a fusion of African and European.

I think things like this are interesting. The genes that are expressed on the outside never tell the whole story.

My next step is to figure out how to import my data into Promethese to see some health insights!

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