The End of the Holidays

Harmony and I will fly back to SFO on a United Airlines Boeing 737-800. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Well, after a refreshing 21-day vacation at home in Chapel Hill, I’m preparing to fly back to Oakland. My flight leaves first thing in the morning. It’s bittersweet. I loved seeing my family, renting a car and driving around town again (I hadn’t driven in almost a year), visiting my old spots, and seeing friends in the area. I’ll write a longer post later with pictures I took in Chapel Hill.

I’m sad to leave my family behind. I’m just as happy about getting back to the Bay, to my apartment, to work, and to the fun things I have planned for the year. To help ease the end-of-vacation-blues, I purposely made sure I have fun things to do right when I get back. Things like:

  • Starting Crossfit.
  • Going right back to work!
  • Practicing my new piano songs.
  • Get back onto the Dragon Boat.
  • Jump start my spring cleaning and crafts. I got some great organization ideas from my mom while I was at home. Of course I’ll blog about them all!
  • Reading. My goal is to get through at least 30 books this year.

All of these things will occur within a week or two of coming back home.

More later!

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