Copenhagen Library Tour – Østerbro Bibliotek

Østerbro Bibliotek

The next stop in the library tour is the public library branch in Østerbro, one of Copenhagen’s city districts. The word “øst” means “east” in Danish, because it is in the eastern part of the city. The nearest train station is Østerport Station. When I first got my bike back in the fall, I first discovered Østerport station when I took the bike to be serviced at a bike shop located within the station. This is one part of the city I haven’t done as much exploring in, but some of my favorite parts of Østerbro include Sortedam Dossering (pretty lake and park), Lille Triangel and Kastellet. Of course, the Little Mermaid isn’t too far. Also, the Buddhist Meditation classes I go to are held across from the lakes in Østerbro.

To be honest, this library was the one I liked the least so far. It was very nice inside, very clean and organized…almost TOO clean and organized. A little too cold if you ask me. I could not find a single table to sit down and do some studying. There were some seats facing the windows on a loong narrow table sort of like the ones at the Christianshavn branch, but these seats were not comfortable and it was street level, and so people walking by could see your face. Heh. The only place to sit down was at the magazine rack, but that was right near the library entrance and so it wasn’t a comfy nook.

TV Fireplace

Well, 2 highlights of this library (things I found interesting): all signs and labelling in the stacks and throughout the library were printed on the walls themselves (I guess they were stick-on letters); and, to create an illusion of warmth, they had a TV near one stack with a video of fire burning in the fireplace. Complete with crackling sound effects. Haha. It would have been nice if they’d had a table there, but alas, there were only chairs. It was a comfortable chair, but I had to put my computer on my lap. That’s where I did my studying for the day.

All in all, not a BAD library…it just would have been nicer if they’d had chairs and tables so people could do some work. But the space was small so I guess they did the best they can with what they have available. It is possible that they did have tables and I just couldn’t find them, but I walked around that library at least 3 times and did not see any door or entrance to another section, so I’m pretty sure there were none.

But this is the library where I first discovered the wonderful Susan Boyle. I watched her audition for the first time by the TV fireplace. And that, my friends, is a good thing. 😉

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