Easter “Eatstravaganza”

Bodil, Maria, Susanne, me (photo courtesy of Anne)

On April 16, one of my generous classmates from last semester hosted a dinner party for Easter at his new apartment in the city center! We’d talked about having a party for Easter as far back as March. Everyone brought a dish and before dinner we all shared what we brought. It was delicious. I think I ate more that night than any other night this semester. There was a lot of laughter and conversation, a fun time held by all.

I made macaroni and cheese! I found a super easy recipe online (there are about a million different ways to make mac & cheese) that I didn’t require too much in the way of time and ingredients. I thought it came out pretty well, although it does harden if it sits for too long. No where as good as my Grandmother’s baked mac & cheese though. But it was my first time making mac & cheese that’s not Kraft, haha. They just don’t eat mac & cheese much in Denmark.

My Mac & Cheese
Mac & Cheese

There were other delicious foods as well, let’s see how much I can remember as it was almost a month ago: spicy meatballs, salads, baked chicken, spicy chicken, this beef wrap which I can remember the name of, pie, and plenty more I’m forgetting (but no less delicious).

Anne, Kirstine, Kathrine, Susanne and delicious food
Anne, Kirstine, Kathrine, Susanna and delicious food

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