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Well, I’ve got a LOT of posts to write, so I’m going to be spamming this blog today. 🙂 I’ve got to start at the beginning. The first post in the queue is my visit to the public library in Nørrebro. Now, Nørrebro is known as the “rough” part of town. This is where a lot of immigrants settle and so it’s more international than other parts of Copenhagen. Many students and people who are just starting out live here too because housing is much cheaper. The stores are also cheaper here…so for example the Irma gourmet grocery store is cheaper in Nørrebro than the Irma in København K (the city center).

Nørrebro (especially along its main street, Nørrebrogade) has the most interesting restaurants, shops and nightlife. It was also the site of the famous youth riots back in 2007 over the underground “Ungdomhuset” (the house was eventually demolished by the government), and the Assistens Cemetery (the final resting place of famous Danes such as H.C. Andersen). Back in the Fall I walked through Nørrebro with Barbara.

Info Desk

There’s been a spate of gang-related shootings here over the past few months. Since gun violence is relatively rare in Copenhagen, people go wild over each shooting. If the Danish government would do a better job taking care of immigrants and making them feel more welcome into the society, the youth wouldn’t resort to gangs and drugs. But that’s a different story entirely and I’m digressing!

I found this library to be the most interesting of all of them. It’s probably my favorite so far of the public libraries. It looks like a video arcade or music store. Attractions include plastic see-through chairs, nifty black shelves, a computer lab, graffiti art and a giant tree in the children’s section. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Also, the patrons (at least when I was there) were of many different nationalities, reflecting the international character of Nørrebro.

Oh and while I was doing some work, a random guy came up to me and said I look like Michael Jackson did when he was young. Hmm. 😉 He also wanted to use the Internet on my computer. I let him check one site but then sent him off to the computer lab. I think he just wanted an excuse to talk to me!

I’ve put tons more pictures on Flickr.

Tree in Children’s Section
Tree in Children's Section

More of the Children’s section
More of the Children's section

Graffiti Art & Magazine Shelf
Graffiti Art and Magazine Shelf


The table where I studied
The table where I studied


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