Easter choir

First Baptist Church

OK, the second post of many in my ridiculously long queue! This post is going to be about the choir I sang in for about a month and a half. I’m a big time choir person. I first sang in a choir in 5th grade (got assigned to it at random) and from then on I was hooked. Sang in the choir every single year until I graduated from high school. Then in college I sang for four years in the Women’s Glee Club, and after college I joined the community choirs in my town back at home.

I didn’t sing in any choir last fall. I missed it, but I was so in love with Copenhagen and being abroad that it didn’t bother me much. But after I decided to return for the spring, I thought it’d be cool to find a choir to sing in. But I got lazy and didn’t put too much effort into the search. I did look on some websites, but most choirs were already going by the time I came back, and of course most would be in Danish (not that that I’d mind too much…I like the Danish language).

Well I was randomly hanging out in the kitchens in the dorm and, through a classmate of mine, met this really nice girl who sang in this international church choir. To make a long story short, I joined the choir in early March. It turned out to be an Easter choir, we rehearsed songs from a composition called Redemption. Very religious, and I’m not a religious person at all. But I just wanted to sing and I’ll sing religious songs as long as they don’t advocate harming anyone or anything.

Rehearsals were every Saturday morning at 9:30. Wide range of ages in the choir. Much more informal than what I was used to, but the people were nice. They wanted me to join their youth groups and come to their worship services and everything. They were so nice that I didn’t want to say no, I’m not a Christian right to their face, so I just smiled and didn’t really say yes or no as to whether or not I’d come. I mean, I was just there to sing. But they wouldn’t know that. Maybe I should have been more straightforward and clear that I was only there to sing, but I didn’t want to start any conflicts with these people. It would be pointless. I mean, one of my fellow singers was this gentle old, slightly bent German man who kept coming up to me saying he wanted to find where Chapel Hill and North Carolina were on a map, and he’d say that he thought of me whenever he saw a story on the news about North Carolina. So I thought it best to just play along and go with the flow because they weren’t harming anyone.

Anywhoo, the concert on April 5th was a lot of fun. We sang at both Palm Sunday services. Very passionate worship going on. We wore white tops and black bottoms with yellow scarves around our necks. Thankfully I already had black pants but had to buy a white top (got one extremely cheap for 10 DKK at Føtex, it was on clearance).

Well, pictured is the church, located on the edge of Nørrebro. Believe it or not it’s a Baptist church. A Baptist church in Copenhagen. Interesting.

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