Quick hop to Roskilde

Main Entrance

Last Friday night I felt like getting on a train and going somewhere in the morning. So on Saturday after choir rehearsal I got on the S-Tog intending to go to Kobenhavns Hovedbangården (The Central Train Station) so that I could get a regional train ticket, but accidentally got on the train going in the wrong direction and ended up at Østerport Station. Totally not a problem, I just bought my ticket there. Decided to go to Roskilde, a suburb within the greater Copenhagen area. It is an ancient town. The ride only took about 25 minutes or so.

While there, I just strolled aimlessly down the pedestrian walking street near the train station. Checked out the shops. Bought a much-needed change purse on sale (for 50 Kr) and a nice purple purse. On the way home I stopped at a Kvickly to get some groceries but the store had a power-outage and could not check out anyone’s items. They were unable to get the power back on so I (along with many others) ended up giving my things back to a worker to put back on the shelves. Ah well. It sucked because they had what looked like some really nice Japanese stir-fry sauce that I wanted to try. I’ll see if I can’t find it elsewhere.

Next time I go to Roskilde I’ll try to check out some of the museums there and walk around inside some of the old cathedrals.

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