Copenhagen Library Tour: Islands Brygge Bibliotek

Main Entrance

Next stop in the library tour: the public library branch on Islands Brygge! Islands Brygge is one of the boroughs of Copenhagen. It means “Iceland’s Wharf.” I will start another series of posts about all of Copenhagen’s boroughs later, and I’ll include more information about Islands Brygge at that time. But Islands Brygge is in the southern part of the city, on the island of Amager. It’s near the Humanities facility of Copenhagen University and has a nice road along the water. From my dormitory it’s a nice 15-minute walk away (and just one stop away on the Metro or Bus).

The Islands Brygge branch of the public library is much smaller than the main public library, but the interior design still has that modern, modular look typical of Danish design. Plus it sports some interesting furniture, such as a table that can bend in any direction. The only bad thing is that they close quite early on most days (4pm on some days and 5pm on others).  The main public library is open until 7 pm on week nights. Most libraries here do NOT open on Sundays. Here are some pictures:

This table can bend in any direction:

Bendy Table

View of the library

Library View

Comic series from a to å…

Teen series

Children’s section:

Children's Section

More pictures click here!

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