Well, Hej!

I’m back with the blog! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I decided to return to Copenhagen for the spring 2009 semester, and after a wonderful Christmas break back at home in NC, I am back in Copenhagen! I’ve been back here for a month now. At first it was rough re-adjusting to the 6-hour time difference and life in the dorm. But after about 2 weeks I finally got back on track.

Classes are very interesting. One of them is called Knowledge Media in Society, and it focuses on various types of media and how they interact in a knowledge society. The other course is called Science Studies, and it is a course in the philosophy of science. Not any particular science, but just science in the sense of knowing. I’m sure I’ll have a better explanation of what the class is about as time goes along!

Well I’ve got a lot of ideas for blogs this time around. I will be much more diligent about blogging. 🙂

We had quite a bit of snow the past few weeks. I will post pictures in the next entry. The weather has warmed up considerably and now there is no snow whatsoever on the ground. Plus we had a few hours of sunshine yesterday. It was amazing. I almost forgot what a sunny day looked like! 🙂 Also, the days are getting longer. Back in December it was dark by 4 pm, now it gets dark at around 7:30 or so. I’m really looking forward to the long hours of daylight later this spring.

I’ll be back soon with a new post (pictures of the SNOW)!

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