Danish Christmas Dinner; Class Christmas Party (and Earthquake)

Just got back from a wonderful Danish Christmas dinner held in my kitchen! The people in my hall are great cooks, lol. Well, we had pork, caramel potatoes and red cabbage. For dessert we had “ris ala mata” with cherry sauce. It’s basically some sort of rice with whipped cream and milk and almond nuts, topped with cherry sauce. Only one whole almond is mixed in, and whoever gets the whole almond gets a present! We had a nice time even though I couldn’t understand any of the Danish being spoken at the table. I could, however, pick up a few randon words here and there. But next semester I will be taking a Danish class and will hopefully be able to follow along with coversations to some exent. 🙂

Last week the International Students at RSLIS held a Christmas party as well. Everyone brought things they eat for Christmas back at home, so we had a wide variety of foods from many different countries. It was all delicious! Since I didn’t have the time (or the skills) to make anything (at that time I was still trying to finish up my project paper), I brought popcorn, popped over the stove!

The Danes really get into the Christmas spirit. The Christmas decorations around town are wonderful. I will try to take some more pictures of them later before I leave to go home!

One more thing — apparently there was a minor earthquake this morning. The epicenter was somewhere in the southern part of Sweden, not too far from Malmo. Some people in Copenhagen felt the tremors. I slept right through it. Man, the first earthquake I ever experience and I sleep through it. Oh well.

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