New directions in twenty-oh-eight

Welcome back, everybody! Open-Orbit is back online, after nearly an entire year of inactivity. We’ve got a fresh new layout, a fresh new installation of WordPress and are ready to start anew! Please excuse my dust as I finish setting up. I know for sure that some of the comments on older entries do not display (something went kinky during the database migration). There may be other bugs as well (I haven’t even tested the layout in Internet Explorer yet).

Feel free to browse around. If you’ve been to my site before in the past, I’ve gotten rid of most of the old content because it was either hacked or I just lost interest. The only thing I’ve got up right now is Protostar, my collection of old school journal entries. More is soon to come, however.

All right, I hope this entry finds you well, and I look forward to blogging again. Happy 2008!


  1. Whee, I’m so glad the site is back up! It looks great. The layout, I mean. I think it’s the best one you’ve ever done. 🙂 Now if we can just get the forum open again…too bad we’re not going to re-open OuterSpat but I guess you guys are right that it’s time for something new. Still, I’ll miss the old boards. But, it’s a new year, and I’ve resigned myself for something new!

    P.S. I’m not seeing any bugs or errors on my end!

  2. I just got Jena’s email that your site was up again, and that you guys are starting a new forum. I’m so excited! I’ve missed you guys. The site looks great. Looking forward to the new forum. 🙂

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