Flash 8 for $125!

I just won Flash 8 Professional for $125 at eBay! This is incredible, considering the full version costs $700 and the upgrade version costs $300. Wow. I’m really on the cutting edge now, haha. 🙂

(And OuterSpat is open again)

I’m plannning to start a new blog soon. I love Nebulog and it will stay, but I’m changing the focus of it in a big way. Right now it’s got a lot of old ramblings and rantings from years past, and so I want to archive all of those entries and start fresh with a clean slate.

The new blog will focus on Web Standards, Multimedia/Interactive Journalism and of course design. Its sole purpose will be to force me to stay in the know within these areas, so when I do apply for a job one day, I’ll actually know what’s going on in the industry. The blog will be part of my freelance web design business site. It’ll probably open before the business does! 🙂


  1. Cool, isn’t eBay amazing? I’ve never tried buying anything there though (I don’t have a credit card) but I’ve heard of people getting high quality things there for insanely cheap prices. I guess you just have to trust the sellers though, that’s the only problem I’d have. I have heard lots of horror stories about people not getting what they were told they’d get…

  2. Wow, congrats on getting such a good deal on ebay! I’m actually thinking of auctioning off some of my books from this past semester, I still have them. But I bet people wouldn’t pay a lot for them. I wonder if I can somehow buy all of my books for next year (once I find out which ones I’ll need) from that site. Is it generally safe and are people usually honest? From your experiences?

  3. Bought a $700 software for $125? Are you sure the software is genius? or you could have downloaded Flash 8 for free on Net.
    Maybe the software is an OEM product,which is not allowed to resell.

    Anyway,dont worry,I wont report it to Adobe or Plice.
    Happy Flashing.

  4. Your blog is very beautiful. Is there any chance you could share your design secrets, or the code, so I can create something like yours?

  5. Nice, I bought Macromedia Studio MX 2004 on ebay a few months ago and it was a total rip-off. 🙁 Thankfully I was able to get my money back though.

  6. hey, can you put up your themes up for download??? because it is very beautiful!!! 😀

    by the way, can we exchange links??? if you agree, then link to me…after that, just leave in a comment on my blog, and i’ll link back to you. 😉

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