“U” is for Universe

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Everything, even things that we consider “unnatural”, or “synthetic”, is a product of the universe! From some vantage point beyond Earth, we are deep space. We are on the “other side” of the galaxy. That is fascinating! I think about the universe a lot. I love my cat, Harmony, but sometimes I wonder exactly what she is. Sure, we call her a “cat”, or “feline”, or an “animal”, but classifying living things is a human thing. Outside of the human bubble, is there even such a thing as a “cat”, or as a “human”? Does nature make those distinctions? Does the universe itself make those distinctions? So, sometimes when I sit with Harmony, I just see her as a fellow consciousness, matter that is aware of itself and happens to occupy a particular body (a very cute one at that). I’m the same way. So, all labels and classifications removed, we are two tiny conscious beings enjoying each other’s company, on a planet deep in space. Although, would the universe even refer to itself as a “universe”? Seems like the term “universe” is another human construct. How can a human experience what we call the universe outside of the human perspective? A true, raw experience? I guess that wouldn’t be possible though, since other intelligent life would experience the universe from their perspective.

I know this entry is pretty silly and all over the place. To be honest I’m embarrassed to write this stuff (was questioning whether or not I should even post it), but I think about these things a lot. I’ve only scratched the surface in this post. 🙂

Ever since we did an astronomy unit in second grade, I’ve been hooked on all things space. It started off with an interest in learning facts about the planets, stars, etc. Then around middle school I started asking the same questions about the universe that many have asked throughout human history. That we can’t answer all these big questions can sometimes drive me crazy. At the same time, it’s fun to wonder and revel in the fact that so much is still so mysterious. 🙂

I’ll end by linking to this really neat article on the Fermi Paradox, which deals with the question of why we haven’t seen, heard, or been visited (as far as we know) by intelligent life beyond Earth.


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