“O” is for Oracle Cards

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Just a few of the oracle decks in my collection.
Just a few of the oracle decks in my collection.

I got into oracle and tarot cards last year. Oracle cards typically have 45-50 cards in a deck, and they are centered around a theme. Each card contains an inspiring message or snippet of wisdom. You can use oracle cards however you wish, although each card deck contains traditional instructions for how to do readings. I don’t use the cards for fortune telling; rather, I use them as guides for what to focus on during the week. I easily get pulled into the details of every day life…and I’ve found that the cards help me step back and put things into perspective. Every Sunday I draw three cards. The first card represents Monday and Tuesday; the second card represents Wednesday and Thursday; and the third card represents Friday and the weekend. I make time each day to think about the message of the card drawn for that day. So for example, if the card for Monday and Tuesday is about creativity, I’ll try to think about creativity whenever I can during those days. Some weeks I’m better at it than others, but overall it’s been a great way for me to get insights about things.

I also like to relate the cards to each other throughout the week, and I record particularly interesting insights and realizations in a journal (hand-written). It’s helped me work through a lot of my anxieties around relating with people. Of course I still have ups and downs, but this practice does help bring me back up from the downs (even if it’s not always an “instant” cure).

Some weeks I use oracle cards for my readings, other weeks I use tarot cards. I use whatever deck I feel drawn to that week.

Another thing I love about oracle and tarot decks is the artwork. I like seeing how the artist of a given deck represents the meaning of each card, and losing myself in the scene of the card. I like to imagine myself in these mysterious realms, where anything and everything is possible.

Because I went a little crazy with buying oracle and tarot decks last year, this year I’ve limited myself to*one* new deck per month. So I will add a maximum of twelve new decks to my collection this year. I want to build up a collection, but in a controlled fashion.

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