“B” is for Bucket List

This is the second post as part of the blogging A-Z challenge. For the letter B, I’m going to discuss my “Bucket List”! I haven’t actually created it yet, but I am about to, very soon. I recently bought this really cute notebook at Walgreens that I’ll use to jot down my “lifelong to-do list”. 🙂

Blank journal from Walgreens that I'm using for my bucket list.
Blank journal from Walgreens that I’m using for my bucket list.

I’m making a bucket list as a reminder to myself to do the things I want, because my “real life” has started. 🙂 For too long, I was waiting for it to get started. I’d think, oh, it’ll start next year…or after this happens, or after that happens. But then when I was on BART (the regional train for the San Francisco Bay Area) one day, I had a realization that my life is happening. Here’s  quick analogy. I usually ride BART into San Francisco from Oakland. The last Oakland stop is an outdoor stop, on an elevated platform. When the train leaves that stop, it gathers speed and gradually the tracks slope downwards until we’re in the Transbay Tube, which takes us under the San Francisco Bay all the way to San Francisco. If you’re anticipating entering the tube, you’ll have no problem knowing when you’ve entered it since it’s a very visible transition.

Heading back to Oakland from San Francisco on the reverse route is different. The last San Francisco stop before the tube is a deep underground stop. The transition from that stop into the tube is not as obvious. I remember waiting to enter the tube once, when I realized that, oh yeah, we’re already in it! And we’ve been in it for a while!

So this is how I picture real life starting. I kept waiting for some sign that I am an adult, that I’m in the real world, that this is the real deal. But there really is no sign. There is no visible, solid transition from young adult to full-time adult. Life starts when it starts. So what am I waiting for? I’m going to do the things I want to do, and I’m going to write them down in my bucket list. 🙂

I’ve decided to go with a written list because I want something tangible. There’s an app for everything these days, but sometimes I need a break from all the technology. When I complete an item on my bucket list, I already have a ritual planned which you can read about here.

I’ll do a follow-up post later where I’ll share some of the items on my list, once I’ve written a few down. 🙂

Do you have a bucket list? If so, what are some of the things you want to do? In what format do you keep your list?


    1. Hi Philip! Thanks for following my posts and for the kind words! We need to do a catch-up chat soon. 😉

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