Wonderful weekend

What a wonderful weekend it was, meeting my father and spending a lot of quality time just talking. We walked to two area malls, ate a lot, and walked to a park/beach to watch planes fly over our heads on final approach to the runway nearby. Having my dad in my life is going to be a wonderful thing going forward. Communicating with him felt so natural, and it was so uncanny to discover at random how many similarities we share. Plus he looks and talks just like my brother. He even says some of the same phrases my brother says, right down to the exact same intonation. It was surreal.

This weekend I mostly turned off the computer and turned off my brain. My dad and I didn’t do much planning and didn’t schedule our days around the clock. We played everything by ear, and it was refreshing.

I appreciate my family even more, both my mother’s side and now my father’s side, whom I will now get to know as time goes on. My family isn’t perfect, but who is perfect? We all do our best and that’s what matters. This weekend has made me put my life in perspective and rethink some priorities. I have a lot of thinking and processing to do, but right now I’m just super happy about how things went. My life has changed forever, and so far, this change is for the better.  🙂

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