It looks like a house, but…

This is a very cool and interesting story about a mysterious house in Raleigh, NC, that ran back in January. You might have seen folks share it on Facebook (it was also on Reddit):

I was interested because I had driven by it a few times when I was living in NC, years ago. I definitely didn’t think much of it back then! Here’s the video description from YouTube (yeah, I’m too lazy to paraphrase it in my own words :P):

In Raleigh, N.C., there’s a house… or what looks like a house. What’s hidden inside is more important than most people realize.

Note: don’t look at the picture below or read further if you haven’t watched the video above / don’t want the surprise spoiled.

As I was out on a long walk last weekend, I ran into one of these similar “houses”, nestled away on a regular quiet neighborhood street. This one has a driveway, a sign that labels what it is, and a door that’s not “house-like”, but it’s still pretty inconspicuous, especially if you’re driving or walking by.

IMG_8045The moment I saw it, I remembered the story about the “house” on Wade Avenue and was like, OMG, here’s another one! These things are all over the place, yet I never would have even given them a second glance or known they even existed.

Here is a link to the original story that ran on WUNC.

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