Upcoming Posts

I’m back from Pareee!!! What a wonderful, charming city. So (mostly for my own benefit), here is a list of posts that are coming to this blog in the near future (in rough chronological order):

  • Easter Eatstravaganza (Dinner Party)
  • Copenhagen Library Tour – Østerbro Bibliotek
  • Disco night at Søpavillon
  • Copenhagen Library Tour – Vanløse Bibliotek
  • London Trip!!
  • Paris Trip!!

Other topics I’d like to cover (in no particular order):

  • RSLIS (thoughts on my school here in Copenhagen)
  • Working out at Fitness.dk
  • My experiences with the Clear Light Buddhist Center in Copenhagen
  • My experiences in the Danish language course/thoughts on the Danish language
  • Differences between Denmark / the US; pros and cons of each
  • Public transportation in Copenhagen
  • Thoughts on solo travel

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