What’s been going on under the radar?

It’s way overdue for entries here! And boy, I’ve got quite a bit to write about. Let’s see…I’ve been to 3 more libraries…spent a day in Århus during the holiday…went to a lovely Easter Eatstravaganza dinner hosted by one of my generous classmates (and I made mac-and-cheese from scratch for the 1st time). Everyone brought delicious food! It was a night of great conversation and plenty of laughs. Oh, and I had a wooden floor installed in my dorm room (finally got rid of that dreadful carpet).

I went to a disco/dance club late Saturday night in Frederiksberg with some lovely friends…and I (unexpectedly) had quite a few glasses of white wine. That led to my first experience being intoxicated…it was FUN. The party scene isn’t so foreign to me anymore because I “get” it now. 🙂

I’ve been doing plenty of self-exploration and working on redefining some aspects of who I am.

Last but not least…I’m off to London tomorrow for a fun weekend trip!

Entries are coming for all of those above-mentioned things shortly (maybe even later tonight, lol).

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