London Day 2 (24 April)

Tower Bridge

Woke up bright and early and headed to the designated meet-up point for the Old City Walking Tour. It was a wonderful tour and our guide, Anna, was animated and made history fun. The tour started at the Tower of London and from there we made our way to the Tower Bridge (often mistaken for the London Bridge), the London Bridge, the financial district of London (and the Bank of England), plenty of small streets, Millennium Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the famous Church of the Knights Templar. At one point we tried to break the world record of how many people can you cram into one of those red phone booths. The record was I believe 14, we nearly broke it when 13 of us managed to fit inside! 🙂 Everytime I see one of those booths I wonder if it leads to the Ministry of Magic.

The tour was about 2 and a half hours. During the tour I met David, a literary agent from Thailand who was in London for a book fair. He finally had some time off to do some exploring. We had fun stopping to take photos during the tour and then running to catch up with the group.

St. Paul's Cathedral

After the tour, David said he was interested in catching a theatre show that evening. I’d never been to a theatre show, and I was interested in doing so, so I joined him! He knew of a place in Leicester Square where they sold tickets at half price. We must have spent the better part of an hour walking back and forth between different ticket sellers, trying to find the best deal (good price AND good seats). We lucked out with Carousel, paying about 33 pounds for 4th-row tickets, at the Savoy Theatre.

Tickets in hand (the show didn’t start until 19:30), we went for lunch at China Town. It was the first time I’d ever been in a China Town. 🙂 Then we made our way back to Convent Gardens. We saw the Royal Opera House, visited this nice little market called Apple Market and all the shops there (I bought some tea for my mother and grandmother as a Mother’s Day present at this cute little Tea House) and even saw a show of dancing musicians. Walked up and down the streets, savoring the sights and sounds. Found the theatre where the show would be held. We must’ve gotten lost no fewer than 5 times. Thank god we both had maps, hehe! It was a lovely afternoon.

David Near the Theatre

In the early evening David had to go back to his hostel to do some work, so we decided to just meet at the theatre in time for the show. I stuck around the area, doing some more exploring. It was a Friday night so there were a lot of people out. There was one group of people standing outside of a bar, having a drink. Strange…I don’t think I’d ever seen anything like that in Copenhagen, lol.

Well 19:30 rolled around and David and I met up again for the show. While I was waiting for David at the theatre, a bicycle brigade was going on in the streets. Those bikers just kept on coming. Haha.

The show was good. We were a little late so we had to be led into the theatre at an appropriate moment, but it was worth the money and the seats were awesome. The only thing I didn’t like was that you had to pay for a program. I didn’t want to spend that money so I have no program to commemorate the evening. Oh well.

Took the Tube back to the hostel. Chelsea was gone, but there were some new girls in there and 2 couples. I was tired and went straight to bed. I couldn’t wait to see what adventures I’d have the next day!

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