Metro hold-up

Crowded Nørreport Station

The Metro in Copenhagen is usually quite reliable. Sometimes snags do happen and when they do, they’re fixed up pretty quickly. On Tuesday afternoon however, one of the metro trains headed for the airport (lufthavn) got stuck on the tracks. As a result, all of the other metro trains were being diverted to Nørreport Station. For a while there was no Metro service to the airport while they sorted out the problem. I was on my way to the library and it took twice the time to get there due to the delay. At one point, between Christianshavn and Kongens Nytorv, the train I was in stopped completely and shut down. All the lights went out and everything. It was also a packed train. But after a few minutes the train rebooted. It was actually pretty cool to see how it restarted, the little red display that tells you which station is coming up next was displaying all sort of boot-up messages. A computer controls the entire system. It’s really interesting.

As for the train that got stuck, I guess they had to have the people file out of the train, walk down the little platform along the tracks and into the station.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to write a series of posts about the different public transportation options in Copenhagen and so I will write much more about the Metro when that time comes. 😀

Pictured is part of the crowd at Nørreport Station. It was packed!!

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