This historic night

I stayed up all night to see the results of the election, and I’m very happy that it was worth it. I’m also proud to be an American again, for the first time in a long time. There is still hope for America. However I am a little concerned that the popular vote does seem quite close. Oh well. It doesn’t matter at this point. I’m just happy that Obama IS president. I’ve watched McCain’s concession speech and it was actually quite impressive…he even tried to stop his supporters from booing whenever he mentioned Obama’s victory, haha.

Here’s to Obama and the hope and dreams he continues to inspire. Racism is real and will probably always exist to some extent, but Obama’s victory shows that there is still hope despite that fact. You can still work toward — and achieve — a dream no matter how much people say “NO” or try to hold you down because of your race, gender or any other quality. Progress is being made!

Now I am very curious and eager to see how Obama is going to perform as president and how he is going to put his plans into action. I guess we will have to wait til January!!!!

On a completely unrelated note, I’m also super excited about CNN’s election graphics. The charts, the reporting precicts % progress icons, the interactive “Magic Map”, all of ’em. They look so delicious, I want to eat them. I want to eat the entire CNN website, in fact. I love it. 😉’s graphics are pretty sweet, too.

I am going to bed now. As you can (or maybe you can’t, lol) tell by the tone of this entry, I am quite excited…and tired. So I’m sure what I’m writing is much less controlled than usual.

(For the record, it’s 05.47. What a night).

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