Fine Friday

Well it’s now the wee hours of Saturday morning as I write this, but I had a wonderful time yesterday (Friday). Class went well, and then after class everyone had lunch together in the school’s canteen and then a few of us went to the “Friday Bar” at the nearby IT University (IT-Universitetet i København). The Friday Bar is a tradition at colleges in Denmark. The schools and dorms have a bar area where they sell a variety of drinks and play music. Students sit and talk over a drink and relax after a long week. Everyone is happy because of the weekend ahead. This week’s Friday bar at our school was only for the new bachelor’s students or something, so we went to the one at the IT University. It’s a gorgeous building, very open, almost all window. I took some photos of it which I will upload later to Flickr!

After that bar we headed over to another bar which was in a somewhat obscure location and spent several hours there, talking about many things (movies, music, dogs, gypsies, languages, cultures and more stuff I can’t remember at the moment). It was really interesting because each of us was from a different country — Finland, Ireland, Denmark and the US! The other people in that bar were quite rowdy to say the least. Lots of laughing and pool playing. A good time had by all. We went to a delicious Italian pizza place afterward. It was a pleasant night.

Tuesday marks the start of Interaction Design class; I’m looking forward to that. I really like how our International Master’s class is so small and intimate. After class is over, we go to to lunch together in the canteen. I know it’s still early in the year and our routine isn’t set yet, but so far I like the intimacy!

This weekend I will be reading my part of the book (3 chapters) for the presentation on Wednesday. We have a third person in our group now. It should go well, I hope. I also hope to do some grocery shopping, tackle the laundry and have a strawberry ice cream cone. The strawberry ice cream (jordbær in Danish) here is amazing. I remember when I went to Spain in ’05 I fell in love with the strawberry ice cream there, too. What is it with me, foreign countries and strawberry ice cream?!


  1. Sounds great. (Nice pictures, too…I’m looking forward to more!) I envy you–I’m applying for various grants to travel here and there (San Francisco, London) and present my work on the Blake Archive.

    But I’d rather be living in Denmark

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