Cooking, laundry take 2

This is just a short entry. I am happy because I managed to cook rice the other night, it wasn’t perfect but it came out well enough to eat. I bought some vegetables and there are many small ethnic markets that sell stir-fry sauces and oil, so I have made stir-fry 2 times so far. It’s not that bad and it’ll save a LOT of money.

Also I did my laundry for the second time a few nights ago, this time my clothes weren’t sopping wet and were mostly dry after coming out of the dryer. I glanced at the dryer settings when someone else’s clothes were in there; I decided to put my clothes on that setting when it was my turn. It was the opposite setting from what I had last time. Whatever it was, it worked, so I didn’t need to hang anything this time around.

Now I am going to a lecture on Danish culture at the nearby Copenhagen University. More later…

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