An update, finally!

I FINALLY am here posting an update. Unfortunately it’s not a big update. I’ve not had internet access the past few days, and I won’t be able to get Internet access in my dorm room until Monday when the IT office is open. I am at the school right now, and uploaded quite a few photos and 3 videos to my Flickr account. Please click here to view them.

I’m really enjoying Copenhagen so far, and as soon as I get regular access to the Internet, I’ll post a longer update (and more updates in general). But I have to say, it’s really been great to have a break from being online these past few days. I am trying to do as many things as possible and am up for going to as many social events and/or exploring as I can. I am out of the loop about what’s going on with the US elections or what’s going on the US in general. I’ve only just found out a few minutes ago that McCain picked the governor of Alaska to be his VP choice? Wow.

I may start reading a Danish newspaper (the Copenhagen Post is in English).

OK that’s all for now. Longer post later!!!


  1. Michelle, your pictures are great…it looks like you’re having so much fun already πŸ™‚ It sucks I didn’t get to see you and say good-bye before you left, but I’m really enjoying your blog and hope your whole time in Copenhagen is wonderful!

  2. Thanks! πŸ™‚ Yeah, I missed saying good-bye to you also! At least we have the Internet to stay in touch, lol! Hope things are going well at the archive.

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