An update, finally!

I FINALLY am here posting an update. Unfortunately it’s not a big update. I’ve not had internet access the past few days, and I won’t be able to get Internet access in my dorm room until Monday when the IT office is open. I am at the school right now, and uploaded quite a few photos and 3 videos to my Flickr account. Please click here to view them.

I’m really enjoying Copenhagen so far, and as soon as I get regular access to the Internet, I’ll post a longer update (and more updates in general). But I have to say, it’s really been great to have a break from being online these past few days. I am trying to do as many things as possible and am up for going to as many social events and/or exploring as I can. I am out of the loop about what’s going on with the US elections or what’s going on the US in general. I’ve only just found out a few minutes ago that McCain picked the governor of Alaska to be his VP choice? Wow.

I may start reading a Danish newspaper (the Copenhagen Post is in English).

OK that’s all for now. Longer post later!!!


  1. Michelle, your pictures are great…it looks like you’re having so much fun already 🙂 It sucks I didn’t get to see you and say good-bye before you left, but I’m really enjoying your blog and hope your whole time in Copenhagen is wonderful!

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