The Kitten and the Crow

I once saw this story on TV, it’s one that I love! A crow took it upon herself to care for a tiny kitten (eventually named “Cassie”) in an older couple’s back yard. Every day, she would swoop down from the sky to feed the kitten, play with her, keep her out of the street and more. I’ll let you watch it for yourself.

The crow surely thought the kitten was one of her own, and mothering instincts kicked in. Prejudices just don’t exist in the animal world. Sure, many animals have natural predators, but there are always instances when the caring instinct takes over. I am a strong believer that you can be friends with anyone on this earth despite your differences if you met them under the right circumstances. This video is certainly evidence of that! As the vet says in the video:

“If you’re able to gain trust in someone or something, or each other, than anything is possible.”


  1. Such a beautiful story!!! Makes me wanna cry.

    Hey, Michelle. Just checking in, I’m sad that there aren’t any more boards, but we were kind of slacking there in the end. I just wish we could have had a more formal end to it all, after 5 years, you know?

  2. Hi Laura! Yeah, I miss the boards too. The mailing list is still open, and I might think about setting up a private group blog or a Google or Yahoo Group or something for us to stay updated on each others’ lives. If not then feel free to send a message to the list and we can forward it to everybody.

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