The flight has departed

Well, I’ve boarded the flight that is spring semester 2008. For the most part, things aren’t all that bad. My professors are all nice, and the classes definitely seem interesting. Let’s just put it this way: if the act of physically talking did not constitute such a large percentage of our grade for each class, I’d be the happiest woman in the cosmos. But alas, that’s not so. All of my professors seem to think that the only way for someone to participate in class is to open your mouth and yak-yak-yak.

Sure, one of my professors is understanding, saying that he understands how some people aren’t as comfortable with “blurting their opinions”, and that’s great, but I wanted to shout, “why don’t you make the online discussion forums available, since you’re so “understanding.” We’re using Blackboard already, so it’s not too hard to make use of the built-in forums. That’s what one of my professors did last semester (she was the best, I loved her!!). Sigh. Oral utterancing is NOT the only way to talk. It’s not even the most lasting form of communication. I guess most people just wouldn’t agree.

I had my interview for the digital curation job on campus as well, helping out with an archive of William Blake‘s work. The people are really nice, and I should hear back from them next week after they’ve made their decision. Uh-oh. I mean, usually I NEVER get the job when I’m up against other people. I thought I did ok in the interview, stuttered once, and neglected to mention that I’m taking a PHP class when asked about my PHP experience. Doh! So who knows if I’ll get hired. If not, then I’ll just look for something else.

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