Helado de la Fresa

My new favorite food is strawberry ice cream (fresa in Spanish). I’ve had so much of it in the past few days. There are ice cream vendors on practically every street corner. I had a cone with 2 scoops of strawberry ice cream today. I want some more!!! We ordered Chinese take out last night, I got chicken with mushrooms. It was all right, not as good as Charlie’s or Asia Cafe but at least it cured my craving.

We had a project-wide meeting 2 days ago, where Rich gave us an update of how things are coming along and the deadlines for the next two weeks. We want to have this site done on the 28th. 7 days…a week from today?! Eeek! we’ll see what happens! I mean, even if we’re not 100% done in a week, we’ll certainly be close to done.

I’m going to be working on programming a 3-D map that highlights all of the towns visited on the story about walking the Ancient Pilgrimage route and has a picture popping up by each town. I’m really excited about this site so far and what we’ve got. On Tuesday, we saw more photographs for the photo stories and they look great. Also, the info graphics are cool. There’s going to be an interactive monastery, an a chave game, an illustrated horreo (for the farming story), a fishing graphic, a food graphic I believe, a graphic about the rapa das bestas, an interactive zanfona, a story jukebox and more.

I really want to go swimming. There’s a pool nearby. I also want to do some more exploring around town. They’re setting up for the 25th, which is the Day of the Apostle. I hear there’s supposed to be some serious fireworks, festivals and street fairs.