Enjoying the days…

Time is really flying by. I’ve been enjoying these days though. Got up early yesterday morning to wash my clothes. That was easy, but a little annoying because the dryers don’t fully dry your clothes. I saved 2 euros by hanging a some clothes up around my room to dry. We’ve been making dinner as a group and having grill-outs in the park. Last night we had chicken fajitas, they were delicious. I also had some delicious strawberry ice-cream the other day, as well as pizza. Today for lunch I had a ham and cheese sandwich with fries. It was from that same sandiwch place across the street from the journalism school that I didn’t like before. But now that I know that “j(x)amon york y queso” means regular ham and cheese, I can get good stuff.

I’ve been hard at work on the player skin. Lots of refining and revising and then more refining and revising. The air conditioner was broken in the lab for 2 days this past week, and working there became unbearable. I had to do some work in my dorm because I couldn’t concentrate. If I think it’s hot, then you know it’s hot! Thankfully it’s fixed now.

I didn’t get a chance to go back up to the mountains, because us designers are supposed to stay in the labs now to work. However a beach trip is in the works. We have some awesome programmers on our team who have built a custom content-management system for building all of the slideshows and putting the stories together. So building the stories shouldn’t be too hard. The hard part for us designers is programming all of the info graphics that will be in the site. Thankfully I’ve only got one info graphic to worry about – a cool topographical map that zooms around showing all the locations on The Ancient Way. I’m going to get a bunch of jpgs and will have to make it work, but I’m not worried because we have a lot of people around who know enough programming.

That’s it for this entry. I hope all is well at home!