Back in America

Hey folks, back to the world of the living!! Last time I wrote, I was still in Spain and cracking on the project!! I just sort of had a long break from writing while I focused on other things! But now I’ve decided to write at least something, because I miss it!!

The trip back to America from Spain was for the most part uneventful. The night before we left, there was a huge end-of-project dinner. I was sad that it was all ending. 🙁 We only had a few hours after the dinner ended before we had to board a bus to the airport.

The flight from Santiago to Madrid was not the greatest. It was short and a bit bumpy. Plus the plane was loud. The flight from Madrid to Miami was LOOOONG (9 hours), they showed 2 movies. The flight from Miami to RDU was delayed for 2 hours due to bad weather. That sucked. We were all tired. But once we got to Miami, let me tell you, we were chipper again!

Anyways that was 3 weeks ago, lol!! It took me a while to get myself together once I was home. I was seriously jet-lagged. I felt disoriented; like I was walking with a veil over my head. Even though I never did adjust to the 6-hour time difference in Spain, I could feel it when I got back home. Then I came down with a cold for a week.

I just have to say, the experience in Spain was amazing, and I definately plan to go back one day. There were many things I’d like to do, many more places to see. I just am fascinated that there is just so much more out there than what is familiar.