On this page, I’ll describe and provide links to my various projects either hosted on this domain or elsewhere. Keep checking this page for updates! 🙂 Note: all projects open in a new browser window/tab so that you can easily find your way back here.

This project was started May 27th, 2003. Its purpose is not only to let you see what I was like as a youngster, but it also serves as a place to show my appreciation for journals. When I was younger, I did not especially enjoy keeping journals in class, but now that I’ve grown older, I can’t thank my teachers enough. Journals are an invaluable record of a person’s past, and looking back at old entries is one of the best ways to see how much you have changed (and stayed the same) over the years!

The Ancient Way Project
During the Summer of 2005, I participated in a study-abroad trip with my journalism school to help produce a documentary multimedia website on the culture and traditions of Galicia, Spain. The project was a joint collaboration between students from UNC-CH (my school), The University of Santiago de Compostela and Universidad de los Ándes in Santiago-Chile. We spent a month in Santiago de Compostela, an ancient town in the northwestern part of Spain’s Galician province. During that month we gathered content for our website and experienced the traditions we were documenting. It was my first -ever venture abroad, and I had a splendid time. I had created a blog to keep my family and friends updated on my trip, but after the trip I moved all the posts over here. They now serve as a reminder of my experiences.

Michelle in København
During the 2008-2009 academic year, I studied at the Royal School of Library & Information Science in Copenhagen, Denmark. This blog serves as a chronicle of my trip.

The Hearing Loss Herald
The Hearing Loss Herald is a new digital resource for those who have a hearing loss (or who have a relative or friend with a hearing loss). At the site you can learn about hearing loss as well as discover ways to live successfully with it, share your insights, stay on top of the industry and most of all, have fun!

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