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Site Content

Pondersphere is intended to be a visitor-friendly site with posts that cover a wide range of topics. It is my hope that you will enjoy your stay here and perhaps learn something in the process. However, I do not profess to be an expert on any of the topics I write about here. I make every effort to make my posts accurate and correct, but still, don’t take my words as the letter of the law. Do your own research when in doubt, and if you find that I am in error about something, by all means, post a comment on the offending entry or contact me. I enjoy and encourage friendly debate and discourse!

I use this site to practice various types of writing, so please expect some of the writings on this site to be less than perfect and/or to sound elementary in nature. I am still a novice.

ALL content on this site — words, images, etc. — are solely my opinion and do NOT in any way shape or form reflect the opinion of my employer.


Password Protected Areas
A small number of pages and entries of this site may be protected by a password. If you have access to the password, please respect my privacy and refrain from sharing it. The password may be changed on a regular basis for added security.

Anti-Spam Policies

I will not tolerate spam on my site and have taken many measures to help me achieve this goal. The comment form will be closed for all entries older than 14 days (2 weeks). Additionally, I must approve all comments before they appear on the site. Comments that contain spam or are off-topic will not be approved!

Written: January 3, 2008. Last revised: June 5, 2011

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