Hello and welcome to my travel blog! Throughout my year abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, I hope to maintain this blog as a way for my family and friends to stay updated on what I’m doing. I will include photos (of course) and maybe even some videos.

For short, up-to-the-minute (or hour, or day) updates, please consult the speech bubble coming out of the white bird in the top right of this layout. These updates are pulled directly from my Twitter account. In fact, clicking on the bird will take you directly to my Twitter page where you can read all of my updates. NOTE: If you’re using Internet Explorer, the Twitter updates will not show up in the speech bubble. This is a known Twitter bug. Switch to Firefox! 😉

To get in touch with me, feel free to either comment on any entry or use the contact form. Both go directly to my email, which I will check multiple times daily.

This site is powered by the amazing WordPress. The template was tested in Firefox 3, Firefox 2 and Safari 3 and performs well in those browsers. It should also look decent in Internet Explorer 7. I can’t guarantee that all aspects of this site will display properly in Opera or in outdated versions of Internet Explorer.

That’s about it. I hope you enjoy your stay!


As stated earlier, this blog is running WordPress 2.7.1. It uses the following plugins (I did not write the descriptions, they are automatically generated):



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