On this page, you will find information about this website and about yours truly.

About this Site

Currently, this site is a place for learning and exploration. It is my springboard, my radio, my palette, my writing pad. It is my center for expressing myself to the world as well as for exploring the world. The interwebs are a gift from the goddesses above for people like me who prefer the written word. My web projects are all described and linked to in the Projects section of the site, so consult the top menu if you’re interested in that.

The posts in the blog fall under 24 carefully selected categories, each centered around my interests:

  • Animals – I love animals, especially cute ones. I love to surf the web for photos, videos and stories about cute animals. Those stories will be shared in this category.
  • Art – Photos, videos and stories about inspiring artists and works of art from all mediums, including graphic design, traditional fine arts and artistic photography.
  • Books – I love to read, so in this section I’ll write about my favorite books and authors, mostly in the form of reviews.
  • Dreams – I talk about dreams and share them so that they don’t slip away.
  • Edge of Reality – This section covers those topics that push the boundaries of what we experience as reality.
  • Fantasy – Fantastical worlds, characters, customs and events.
  • Geography – When I was a kid I read the encyclopedia for fun, mostly looking up other countries. I still enjoy learning about other countries and cultures, so I will write about them in this category. We share this planet, so let’s take some time to get to know our “worldmates.”
  • History – Exploring important events from the ages past.
  • Humor – Sometimes we need to let our hair down and have a good laugh!
  • Inspiration – As a web designer, I rely on inspiration to create website mock-ups. When I find designs that are particularly unique and inspiring, I’ll share them here. Aside from web design, you’ll find inspirational quotes, stories and more in this section.
  • Movies – Much like the Books section, the Movies section will contains reviews of my favorite films as well as profiles of directors and actors.
  • Music – I have rather eclectic tastes in music. I will attempt to share them in this section! Writings about my favorite songs and why I like them.
  • Mythology, Legends & Folklore – Folk tales, fairy tales, myths and legends!
  • The Natural Universe – This section explores plants, landscapes and “spacescapes” that are all a part of the nature in which we dwell. Nature is not limited to the Earth, but to the entire Universe.
  • Portraits– Written profiles of individuals – real, fictional; famous or obscure.
  • Reflections – The most “personal” of all of the sections; posts in this category contain my own ideas, thoughts and opinions.
  • Religion – Impartial exploration of religions.
  • Resources – Check out this section for goodies you may find useful in some way.
  • In Retrospect – Taking a look back at toys, games and other “fads” from days past.
  • Science – Exploration of topics that fall under all of the major sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Geology and the rest. Taking a look at the theories that try to explain our natural phenomena.
  • Storylines – Sharing all kinds of stories. I will mainly use this section to practice writing stories or outlining stories to be written later. All stories in this category are mine; either original or a re-telling of another story.
  • Technology – We live in the Information Age. Let’s explore what that means in this section. Computers, the World Wide Web, the Internet, “Web 2.0” … how did they start, how do they work, where are they headed?
  • Today’s World – Commentary and exploration of current news stories from around the world.
  • Site Stuff – Posts about this website fall under in this category.
About Me

I used to have a lengthy section about myself, my life and interests on this page, but I’ve since removed it because I don’t like having all of that information about me here. My life changes regularly and long pages tend to grow stagnant. So I figure the best way to do this is to present this section as a list of fun facts. Ready? Here we go!

  1. I was born in 1982.
  2. I work for Automattic as a Theme Wrangler. It’s a dream job. 🙂
  3. I love to sing in choirs. Sometimes I sing Alto 1, other times, Alto 2.
  4. I love and appreciate my family and friends.
  5. I love cats.
  6. I love astronomy.
  7. I have a younger brother.
  8. I am lucky to come from a wonderful, supportive family that only wants the best for my brother and me. For that, I am grateful.
  9. like to read.
  10. I like to write and used to do so all the time as a hobby. Now, not so much. So I am all out of practice (if my writing seems elementary on this blog, you’ll know why).
  11. I used to play the piano. Sometimes I regret quitting. I’m trying to relearn all of my old favorite songs.
  12. I have a mild hearing loss and have worn hearing aids since I was 6 years old.
  13. I like airplanes.
  14. I am an INFP-flavored introvert; Enneagram 4w5.
  15. I hate small talk.
  16. I’ll go to a bar or to a club if the occasion warrants it, but generally bars and clubs aren’t my thing.
  17. I still love and enjoy the books, music, videos, movies, TV shows and toys from my childhood.
  18. I don’t care what anyone says — TV was 100 times better in the ’90s than the cheapo stuff coming out these days.
  19. I don’t watch much TV though.
  20. I’ve kept a private MS Word journal since July 29, 2001.

ALL content on this site — words, images, etc. — are solely my opinion and do NOT in any way shape or form reflect the opinion of my employer.